Dahl Chase Folders

Immunohistochemistry, Special Stains, In-situ hybridization

1 Histology Requisition

Histology Requisition

2 Immunohistochemistry Testing

Immunohistochemistry Testing AFP: has been immunohistochemically demonstrated in yolk sac carcinomas of gonadal and extragonadal site, in hepatic malignancies and a few other neoplasms. ALK-1: labels normal human ALK protein and the NPM-ALK chimeric protein,…

3 In-Situ Hybridization

In Situ Hybridization Testing EBV-ISH: is used for the detection of early RNA transcript of Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) infection. Kappa-ISH: is intended to detect cytoplasmic mRNA for Kappa immunoglobulins light chain in tissue. Combined with Inform Cytoplasmic…

4 Panels, Double and Triple Stains

Panels, Double, and Triple Stains PANELS Lung Panel (P40, TTF1 - Napsin A): Used to differentiate between lung adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma of the lung. DOUBLE STAINS Pan Keratin - p63: For evaluation of microinvasion in small breast biopsies…

5 Special Stains

Special Stains Alcian Blue/pH 2.5: stains both sulfated and carboxylated acid mucopolysaccharides and sulfated and carboxylated sialomucins (glycoproteins). Alcian Blue/PAS: Acidic mucosubstances are stained with the alcian blue technique and neutral mucosubstances…