Dahl Chase Folders

Surgical Pathology Specimen Submission

Reference Number: AA-00277

Specimen Submission


Routine or Rapid Microscopic Exam:

Formalin fixed specimens are to be labeled with patient’s full name, second identifier (DOB or MR#), and tissue source and be accompanied by a completed surgical pathology requisition.  For proper fixation of surgical specimens tissues should be submerged in formalin

The containers are available in several sizes through the purchasing department (see supply list in the general section of the directory).  The formalin containers and requisitions should be transported in Dahl-Chase Diagnostic Services (DCDS) biohazard bags.


Specimens that are deemed rapid but the submitting clinician must be clearly marked on the requisition. If a specimen is collected on a Friday and the clinician would like the results Saturday, a phone number at which the clinician may be reached must be provided.



Frozen sections and Intra-operative Consultations:

Frozen sections/Intra-operative consultations performed at the Bangor hospitals require the DCDS surgical pathology department to be notified prior to sending the specimen to the Dahl-Chase laboratory. A 15 minute notice during normal working hours is preferable to ensure a pathologist is available and the proper staff is on site. Frozen sections requested after hours or on weekends please page the on-call pathologist by calling 973-7000.


Frozen sections from client hospitals not located in Bangor should be scheduled a minimum of 3 days in advance.  The requesting hospital may schedule the frozen sections by calling either 941-8221 or 941-8252.