Dahl Chase Folders

Gynecologic Cytology Testing

1 Collection Instructions for SurePath Pap and ThinPrep Pap Specimens

Specimen Collection Pap Testing The optimal time for collection is two weeks after the first day of the last menstrual period. The patient should be instructed not to use vaginal medications, spermicides or douches 48 hrs. prior to collection. The patient…

2 Hours of Operation

Hours of Operation Pap smears and SurePath pap tests are set up daily. Hours for receipt of specimens are Monday through Friday 7am until 10:30pm.

3 HPV Testing from SurePath Pap Vial

HPV Testing from on GYN Specimens Specimen Requirements HPV testing is done from the original SurePath vial as long as the test is set up within 4 weeks of the collection date or the original ThinPrep vial is within 6 months of the collection date. A fax…

4 Labcorp Memos

5 Unacceptable Specimens

Unacceptable Specimens Unacceptable specimens include the following: Unlabeled specimens and incorrectly labeled specimens will be rejected unless approved by the pathologist because the specimen cannot be recollected. The vials and slides must be labeled…