Dahl Chase Folders

Bone Marrow Testing

1 ARUP Cytogenetics Patient History Form

ARUP Cytogenetics Patient History Form

2 Bone Marrow Requisition Form and Instructions

Hematopathology Requisition Bone Marrow Requisition Form Instructions Purpose: To aid the client in the completion of a Bone Marrow requisition. Procedure: The "Hematopathology Requisition should be used by all hospitals or offices that perform bone marrows.…

3 Collection of Bone Marrow

Collection of Bone Marrow Specimens PURPOSE: To ensure standardized collection of bone marrows, smear preparation, paper work and delivery to the appropriate departments (Northern Light Laboratory, ARUP, and Dahl-Chase Diagnostic Services Pathology and Flow…

4 Hematopathology Specimen Requirements, Storage and Transport